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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Four Norwegian designers and a perfume

On the road again. 
Bergen- A pop up book does Brussels. We (Alexander and I) kicked off the concept in Milan last year August with an ecclectic line up. We then followed it up in Oslo, end of February this year, with an equally diverse and exciting posse.  
The response has been extremely positive. Pure bliss! With rave reviews from Diane Pernet's ASVOF blog, Stylecaster and Belgian Knack weekend likening us to the Antwerp six. Hoo haa! 
This time up, we are presenting 4 designers and a perfume.
You can read more about the various designers on their websites. Hit the hyperlinks and get enlightened.
We arrived in Brussels a couple of days before the opening and transformed an empty space into Bergen- A pop up book.
This is what 4 designers and perfume whipped up in 2 days.

Loud shout out to Wes at Scintillating Elements!
Thanks to Elin and Silje for holding the fort down!

i phone snaps by moi


                                                                       DOUBLE YOU

Raining down from above.




A little Belgian bird....

Same bird.


                                                                  NORWEGIAN RAIN

                                                     Rainwater from Bergen...



The back room

 Next pop up....Berlin.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


After 2 short films with Finn Erik and Nils, the time was ripe to take the next step.
Finn Erik and Nils embarked on a journey; to create their first feature film. 
In northern part of Norway, on the edge of the arctic circle, is where their first feature film Dunderland was to be set. You will find the plot of the film here.
I was approached about coming onboard as a Production designer.I accepted. Needless to say I was oblivious to the work load that came with the territory.
The look of the film, the mood, the costumes, the set, was my responsibility. 
8 weeks in subzero temperatures ( from -18 to -34 degrees celsius at the worst), a hotel room, and potatoes with every meal didn't make the task any easier.
However the superb crew did!
A fine selection of dedicated, hardworking people with the drive and a humble ambition of creating something relevant and unique. And an appetite for partying when we finally got some time off set!
The result is for you to judge when the film premières at cinemas all over Norway on the 6th of January.
While we wait for that day, here are a few pics to get you warmed up.

The following events takes place between the 2nd of February and the 13th of March. The summer shoots between the 25th July to the 1st of August.

The first public screening of the teaser will be at the Ramaskrik Film Festival on the 27th of October.

i phone snaps by yours truly. Other pictures by Fredrik Holmin