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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Dale Sko Hack's offspring one

I'll be presenting my first offspring from The Dale Sko Hack in my next posting. However first things first.

What is The Dale Sko Hack?

The Dale Sko Hack was a three day workshop and design project endeavouring to develop new interfaces between designer and producer in an effort to evolve small scale production methods, save work places and develop skills within small scale shoe production.
Existing manufacturing facilities and techniques are hacked into to create new exciting products.
The Dale Sko Hack, curated by Otto Von Busch, took place at Dale shoe factory three years ago.
Located on the west coast of norway by the beautiful fjords, right next to Transplant.

Otto Von Busch managed to assemble an impressive line up of Norwegian designers to participate at the shoehack. Arne-Carlos, Katulla, T-Michael, Siv Støldal and her then assistant, Siri Johansen. The project was documented by photographer Bent Renè Synnevåg.

The Dale Sko Hack was awarded Special Prize Fashion Fashion Theory: European Fashion Award 2008.

View otto's pecha kucha sydney presentation here

Otto rules!

See you here at the next posting!

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  1. Hei! Wow sko, gleder meg til å se :)
    Blir det bra fest neste fredag??
    klem Siw (ikea)