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Saturday, 9 January 2010

My foul-weather friend

Business student Alexander Helle, had an exchange year in Milan where he lived in a collective.
It changed his life.
The realization that his chosen path was way too sobering compared to his artistic and creative flatmates got him pondering.
He started cracking his analytic mind.  6050 rainy days clocked in his native city bergen led to a watershed.

Stylistic raincoats for men!

Alexander found me at my Tailoring studio in Skostredet, Bergen ( I've clocked 4536 days myself!). After an initial healthy dose of sceptism from my side, I joined forces with Alexander.
I drafted the patterns, handcrafted the prototypes, fittings, re design, more fittings...
We shopped around and sourced in fabrics from a reputable Japanese fabric manufacturer and before long Norwegian Rain raincoats were born.
Raincoats for men based on sartorial techniques and heritage. That actually keeps you dry!
The Raincho came to life at the café situated at the crossing of Rue Etienne Marcel and Rue Montmartre. Cafe Etienne Marcel, thanks for the serviettes.
Grandpeople are fully onboard and they create the visual profile. They know their stuff!

We just didn't want to get caught out in the rain again! Do you?

All pictures by Bent Renè Synnevåg
Click for full size 

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