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Saturday, 26 June 2010

'Sensory perceptions based on growth'. Norwegian Rain at White Show, Milan

Norwegian Rain, my side project together with Alexander Helle, was among the shortlist of designers exhibiting at White Homme Basement in Milan last week.
It's a 3 day fashion trade show with a fresh and innovative approach to fashion business.
I arrived at Malpensa Airport on friday, a day after Alexander. My luggage however arrived a day later on saturday around 11pm. This is the second time this year and at the same Airport!

We decided to conceptualize the installation at the 'stand'.( ...more like a space with 2 adjoining rooms. A bunker from the WW2. Brilliant!) on sensory perceptions based on growth. Evolving the installation over the three day period.

Below is the result of our stand where we presented 'Norwegian Rain, collection number 2'.


NORWEGIAN RAIN's stand at the White Show in Milan evolved during the 3 day period of the fair.
Down in the basement, T-MICHAEL ( bespoke tailor/ designer) and Alexander Helle ( creative director) decided to create a space that reflected their thoughts and ideas. A space that they hoped would have a pleasant effect on the visitors. Pulling them out of the stressful buying process and transporting them into a realm based on dreams and reality. A space that meant that the duo would enjoy the time in the basement rather than being stuck down below.
Visitors may have experienced a quirky albeit pleasant room deep down in the bunker. 
Drops of inspiration... Probably not what you would expect from a rainwear maker.

20th-22nd June NORWEGIAN RAIN exhibited at White Homme Basement. A fashion trade fair in Milan.

                                                                         Day 1

Day 2

                                                                          Day 3

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