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Saturday, 9 July 2011

T-MICHAEL vs Jonas vs NotBent

Say hello to Jonas.
Jonas is dancer. However he is more than that. His style and demeanor is unique. A well known face in Oslo.
Jonas is currently taking a BA in classical ballet at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In a year he will be out in the big world trying to make a living out of his pliés, tendus and arabesques. For his dance, Jonas takes inspiration from a lot of things, especially other art forms and fashion. "A good combination of these things can make great results", as he puts it. Jonas moonlights as choreographer for runway shows and works occasionally in front of the camera.  He also writes the blog

Getting to the point, I've always wanted to shoot Jonas in my clothing. I put the question to him. He was up for it.
I spoke to Bent Renè Synnevåg and presto, time scheduled for a shoot.
Elin, my assistent delivered the collection to the Bent's studio and assisted on the set.
My only instructions to Jonas was to style them as he pleased.
This is what they brought back.
Well dapper I say!

The perfect blend of Jonas's presence and Bent's eye for visual aesthetics.
Apropos visual aesthetics, Bent has been doing some stunning photo work for friend and architect Todd Saunders.

Ps. Look out for Jonas in my next short film at a later date. Much later.

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